ISA Executive Council

The ISA Executive Team, responsible for the day to day management of the Association, ultimately report to an Executive Council, made up of Association members who meet to review and approve policies.

The Executive Council members work on a voluntary basis and give up their time to drive the ISA. Executive Council members are elected at the ISA AGM which is held in April each year.

Cronan McNamara, Founder & CEO, Creme Global is the current Chair of the ISA.

ISA Executive Council Members 2016:

Cronan McNamara, Creme Global
Jonathan Hyland, Globoforce
Therese Rochford, Whitney Moore
Bill Kearney, IBM
John O’Brien, S3 Group
Philip Sharpe, DANU Technologies
Niall O'Cleirigh, Rapt Touch
Alan McNamee, Openet
Billy Shekleton, OpenMIND Networks
Patrick Ward, Microsoft
Edel Creely, Trilogy Technologies
John Lamphiere, Quantcast
Padraig O'Neill, Sage
Bill Walsh, Aspire Technology
Roger Latham, Sungard
Paul Fox, Information Mosaic
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