ISA Funding for Growth WG

The Funding for Growth Working Group is charged with actively engaging with commercial banking operations in Ireland, particularly those who have stated that they want to understand how to do business with growth sectors such as bio-med and software.

The range of priorities for the group include:
  • Developing deeper links with the domestic banking sector with view to fostering business relationships with our members
  • Working with the banking sector to develop a portfolio of products that aligns with growth phases of the scaling indigenous software companies
  • Raising the awareness amongst the indigenous software sector of funding opportunities available as part of a wider set of funding options including; venture capital, venture debt, angel investors, third-party sources of non-bank funding etc.
  • Explore opportunities for new banking models
  • Organise networking & information seminars for CEOs & CFOs in the technology sector
The Funding for Growth Working Group is chaired by Therese Rochford, Partner, Whitney Moore Solicitors.

Member Resources:

A summary of venture capital activities for scaling technology companies

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Irish Pillar Banks @ ISA Breakfast Briefing

A set of unique presentations from senior representatives from all three Irish pillar banks, sharing insights into their plans to facilitate the borrowing needs of the indigenous digital & software technology sector. .. Read more »

Mooreland Partners Briefing @ ISA Breakfast Briefing

A comprehensive presentation by Peter Globokar of Mooreland Partners, a top US based mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and investment banking firm, specialising in the digital & software technology sector in the US and Europe .. Read more »

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