Ireland - Global Technology Hub

ICT Ireland and the ISA have worked with our industry members to develop a strategy report entitled ‘The Global Technology Hub - How Ireland enables success for international and indigenous technology companies’.

The Global Technology Hub

This report sets out our vision as to how Ireland will become a global technology hub and a location that is essential to the growth of international and indigenous technology companies.

While providing a background to the success factors which have led to the technology sector flourishing in Ireland, this strategy also examines how Ireland is meeting the international challenges faced by the technology industry. These challenges are growing across all industry sectors as technology has become a cornerstone of today’s business world.

This strategy provides an insight into future prospects and trends for the industry which, if supported, will deliver further investment, growth and jobs. A number of key recommendations are detailed for Government, academia and industry in the implementation of this strategy.

ICT Ireland and the ISA will monitor the strategy’s success by regularly reviewing Ireland’s standings for specific metrics in the IMD World Competiveness Yearbook and the World Economic Forum Global International Technology Report. This will ensure an accurate measure of how successful our efforts are in growing the technology sector and its impact on the wider economy.

Given the breadth and depth of technology companies already established here, Ireland is uniquely placed to become a global technology hub. We must take a leadership position in guiding the future direction of the industry. ICT Ireland and the ISA have developed this strategy to assist all stakeholders connected with the industry to achieve this goal.
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