ISA Software Innovation Network

The Irish Software Innovation Network (ISIN) is the innovation arm of the ISA, and is a matchmaking and knowledge-brokering service to help software companies to identify and engage with relevant third-level research institutes. ISIN is managed by the Irish Software Association (ISA). Members can create a listing including contact details and information on areas of interest or research. Listings can be viewed by other members, with the goal of encouraging collaboration.

Connecting, Collaborating and Clustering

    • Meets the company and establishes their requirements, whether it is to solve a problem or find a new technology area;
    • Identifies potential academic partners and helps to match the appropriate academic expertise to the company to support them in moving forward;
    • Offers ongoing support, including progress monitoring, guidance and fundraising advice.
The Network will help to form clusters of academics, indigenous software companies and MNC's to address particular problems posed by industry in a collaborative fashion. Within these pages, we help unravel some of the terminology involved in IP Agreements, R&D Tax Credit and what funding solutions and support are available.

For further information

Please contact Dave Feenan, ISIN Manager, on 01 6051550 or email, or visit the ISIN website.
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