Tech Manifesto - Making Ireland a Global Technology Powerhouse

With the right policies, support and direction, Ireland can be the best country in the world for talent in tech companies, a global digital leader and among the most attractive locations to invest. The document includes 30 clear recommendations focused on achieving these aims.

Photo (l-r) Cronan McNamara, Creme Global, Chair of the Irish Software Association (ISA), Barry O'Brien, IBM, Chair of ICT Ireland, Paul Sweetman, Director ICT Ireland and the ISA

The sector is looking to all political parties to champion these policies and support this vision over the course of the election campaign. Example recommendations include (see pdf for full details):
    • Rapidly developing a coding curriculum at second level
    • Supporting the new tech apprenticeship models
    • Becoming a global leader in tackling the gender imbalance in the sector
    • Establishing a full Department and Minister for Digital Affairs
    • Introducing a Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme to encourage investment in tech startups
Director of ICT Ireland and the ISA Paul Sweetman said: “Ireland has had incredible success in establishing a vibrant multinational and indigenous tech sector, but we can't take future success for granted. Competitor economies are upping their game and we need to compete aggressively.

Ireland is home to nine of the top 10 global software companies, nine of the top 10 US technology companies and all of the top 10 "born on the internet" companies. The sector employs over 105,000 people, up 40% from 2010. Recently, it has often been the case that where one company finishes a recruiting round, another has a major jobs announcement. Last month alone, over 1,100 new jobs in tech companies were announced. We also have a growing indigenous technology sector that employs 12,000 people and has total sales revenue of more than €2 billion per annum. Many of these companies are leading exporters and becoming tech multinationals in their own right.
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